What about the fields?
The athletic fields, including those on school property, are scheduled in blocks through Whitman Recreation primarily to the leagues that use them. Use of all athletic fields by any team is by permit only. A field use request form may be downloaded or mailed to you.

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1. What are the primary duties of Recreation?
2. What about youth sports?
3. What about the fields?
4. Who maintains the fields?
5. Who can use the town pool and what services are offered at the pool?
6. When is the town pool open?
7. What is the Danielson Buddy Swim?
8. How much does is cost to use the town pool?
9. What do you offer for swim lessons?
10. What is Swim Team?
11. What is a pool pass application?
12. How can I book an after-hours pool party?
13. What are some of the pool rules?
14. What is the Park Program?
15. What other events are commonly held or run by Whitman Recreation?
16. How does the Recreation Commission work?
17. How and when do I apply to work for Whitman Recreation?
18. How do I sign up for recreational activities?
19. How do I pay for recreational activities?