How will this affect my service?

Any interruption of water service will only occur during the meter changeover, it typically will be less than 30 minutes, in some cases it may take longer. The new meter will allow reading from outside your home and remove any need for a meter reader to enter your home to read the meter, or having to phone in the reading yourself. This will end estimated bills. The new meter system can enter readings electronically to billing resulting in complete accuracy and elimination of hand entries.

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1. When will my meter be replaced?
2. How do I schedule an appointment?
3. How will this affect my service?
4. What is expected of the homeowner?
5. What might prevent the meter changeover to occur?
6. Will the DPW replace or repair my plumbing to install the meter?
7. Why is my meter being replaced?
8. Will I be able to read my own meter?
9. What if I don’t want my meter changed?