Rodent Information

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The Board of Health has contacted a few exterminating companies in the area for estimates dealing with the rodent issue.  At this time the Board feels some professional advice in this area may be beneficial. 

The Town of Whitman Survey Committee will be visiting the condemned property in the very near future to determine if it is contributing to this problem and to develop a plan for 36 East Ave.
The Board is working with those commercial properties in question to make certain their dumpsters are of the necessary capacity and maintained properly.
Letters of correction have been sent to the owners/tenants of the properties which were cited as not disposing or storing of their trash properly.

The condo association will discuss the potential of moving the dumpster with the contractor at Temple Place, and see if baiting will be allowed on the property.
Rosen Realty will have a new dumpster placed and will be vigilant about keeping the covers closed.

The DPW has agreed to set and check traps.

Town Counsel is working to address issues at 35 East Avenue.  
The Health Inspector will be investigating and addressing any violations based on complaints received by this office.
The Board reminds all residents of the Town to be vigilant in securing their properties in a manner so as not to become a harboring place for rodents.  This is the time of year when they are looking for warmth, check your foundations and patch any open areas, a mouse can get in a hole the size of a shirt button and a rat can get in a hole the size of a quarter.  Eliminating the 3 things rats need on our properties harborage, food, and water will also help prevent them. 

9/8/14:    Various type traps were set by the DPW at multiple locations.  

9/10/14:    2 mice were caught in the DPW traps.
                Owners at 32-34 Temple Street have replaced barrels in this endeavor.

10/6/14    As of 9/26/14 the DPW is no longer setting traps.  To date 2 mice have been

                36 East Avenue was evaluated by the Survey Team and the recommendation
                was to demolish.   Town Counsel is involved.  

10/28/14   The Selectmen voted to submit a request to the DOR to deficit spend
                   to demolish the structure at 36 East Ave.         

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