Burial Benefits

National Burials
Veterans, service members, and dependents are eligible for burial in one of the VAs national cemeteries. The VA Cemetery closest to Whitman is the Bourne National Cemetery. An eligible veteran must have been discharge or separated from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable and have completed the required period of service. In addition to qualified veterans, federal legislation passed in 1992 known as Public Law 102-547, extends eligibility for burial in national cemeteries to persons who have 20 years of service creditable for retired pay as members of reserve components in the armed forces. The law also provides burial flags, and grave markers to veterans with 20 qualified years of service. 

State Burials
The Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services and the Massachusetts legislature are currently working on the construction of two state veterans cemeteries. One site is in Agawam, Massachusetts, and one is proposed for central Massachusetts. The burial criteria will mirror that for the National Veterans Cemeteries along with any home rule adjustments allowed.