1. Hazardous & Sharp Disposal

    Find information about collection and disposal of different forms of hazardous waste.

  2. Emergency Preparedness

    Find useful information about severe weather preparedness.

  3. Licenses & Permits

    Find forms and applications for licenses and permits.

  4. Licensed Service Providers

    Browse licensed disposal works installer, septage haulers, and trash haulers.

  5. Public Health Information

    Review information about influenza, rabies, lyme disease, west nile virus, and more.

  6. Public Health Nurse

    Review the hours of the public health nurse.

  7. Regulations

    Review rules and regulations governing the Board of Health.

  8. Rabies Information

    Information on Rabies Clinics and Rabies Regulations.

  9. Rodent Information

  10. Opioid Information