Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Assessors

  2. Board of Health

    Learn important information about health concerns in the local community.

  3. Board of Library Trustees

    Read details concerning library in the agendas and minutes of the Board of Library Trustees.

  4. Buildings, Facilities, and Cap. Exp. Committee

  5. Conservation Commission

    Gather information about the importance of conserving the wetlands.

  6. Cultural Council

    Review the agendas and minutes of the Cultural Council.

  7. Historic Commission

    Learn about the historic aspects of the Town of Whitman.

  8. Planning Board

    View information about the planning of the town.

  9. Public Works Commission

    Browse contact information for the Public Works Commissioners.

  10. Whitman Finance Committee

    Monitor the agendas and minutes of the Whitman Finance committee.

  11. Zoning Board of Appeals

    View details on the Zoning Board of Appeals.